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Artist: Niki Tyler

Album: All This Time

What does yet another album bring to the health of my ears? Well this one brings a lot to the table let me tell you. There was an element of surprise when I played ‘All This Time’.  Such a different sound… Different, but the same. What do I mean?

The production has a distinct 1980s feel to it. Sung slightly off key. I’m lovin’ it for the difference already. Together? It REALLY works. The lyrics are faultlessly written. Songs of angst. Of honesty… Of learning from the past… Of life…

Niki toys with her voice to produce an almost haunting effect on her listener… In fact, her tone is not dissimilar to Maggie Reilly.

Each song could be from anytime in the 80s to… In other words there is a lil tinge of Europop which pumps its vein, particularly in ‘Tonight’.

If I had one wish? I would love to hear this lady sing live but with a piano instead of the synth keyboard.

‘All This Time’ is an easy to relate to album. It’s out already and if you’re lucky,  you can listen to her tunes on her site.

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